Rent out your apartment as a holiday home!

Rent out your apartment as a holiday home!

Earn up to 72% more than with normal yearly tenency contracts.
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We manage your property in Dubai and rent it out as a holiday home - with the possibility of up to 72% higher returns than with normal (yearly) tenants.

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Make more money with your property by renting it out as a holiday home. You own a real estate in Dubai or you want to pu...


This is the real calculation of one of our apartments in Dubai. Our client nets 10.26% per year, this is 72% more than w...

Can’t I do it all by myself?

Sure you can – but there are some obstacles which you should be aware of: Generally, you can rent out your apartment ...

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What about furniture for my Dubai holiday home? Who pays for the furniture?

For sure, your apartment has to be furnished when you rent it out as a holiday home. And remember: Our guests are on holiday, they want to arrive at the apartment, sit down, relax, cook something, jus...

What are the benefits of short-term rental?

Many Dubai landlords ask us: “Why should I rent out my apartment as a holiday home? With a normal tenant, I get one cheque per year”. That’s correct, but… 1. It’s not always easy to find a tenan